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World Premiere

The Apple Family: A Dinner on Zoom




stream available beginning

July 1, 2020

7:30 EST

The Company

Stephen Kunken

Tim Andrews

Maryann Plunkett

Barbara Apple

Sally Murphy

Jane Apple

Laila Robins

Marian Apple Platt

Jay O. Sanders

Richard Apple


The Apple Family, a dramatic series of plays which first appeared ten years ago,  returned last April with the premiere of a play written especially for Zoom, What Do We Need to Talk About? which Vogue described as “it’s almost like you are watching a new art form being born.”  


Now a second Zoom play, And So We Come Forth is set in early July, 2020 , amidst massive protests over the murder of George Floyd and against racism in America , as well as  the anxious easing of a worldwide lockdown. Over a family dinner, and over Zoom, the Apples talk  about their fears and hopes, who they are, what has been lost, and where they now belong in a world that keeps becoming more and more uncertain.  


“In troubled and troubling times, theater has not only an opportunity, but the responsibility, to portray the confusion and articulate the ambiguities, doubts, and fears of its time.  The goal then being not to argue a side or a point, but to attempt to portray people and worlds as they are, not as we wish them to be.  Theater, to my mind, is not an argument, but an effort to create and portray human complexity, which we then share with a living audience, human being to human being. “   R. Nelson



About the Apple Family:

The first Apple Family play opened in 2010 on the day Andrew Cuomo was elected Governor of New York State.  Over four years and over four plays we watched the four Apple siblings, Barbara, Richard, Marian and Jane navigate their lives, during a time coinciding with the Obama Administration.  Richard Apple, having worked for Cuomo in the State Attorney General’s Office, joined a corporate law firm, separated from his wife, grew apart from his two young children, until finally returning to government service, in Albany, to work again for now Governor Cuomo.  Three months ago, he moved into Barbara’s home in Rhinebeck, and now works from there.  Barbara has been and remains a Rhinebeck High School English teacher.  Her years of care for their Uncle Benjamin ended a few years ago, with his passing.  Marian continues to teach second grade; while carrying the wounds of the death of her daughter, Evan, nine years ago. Jane is divorced, he son Billy is now thirty-one and independent. She continues her pursuit of a writing career while still living with Tim, an actor, who now manages a Rhinebeck restaurant.  Tim’s eighteen-year-old daughter, Karen, lives in Brooklyn with Tim’s ex and her step-father.

Empty Stage

The Critics on The Apple Family’s first Zoom play, WHAT DO WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT? viewed over 80,000 times in over 30 countries.

“Infinitely Poignant.”

New York Times, Critics Pick


“The First Great Original Play of Quarantine."

New Yorker


“The best example of zoom theatre I have watched so far." 

Guardian.  Five Stars


“It’s almost like you are watching a new art form being born.” 



“The actors all share a sublime artistry over the family’s long journey that is unmatched.”



“It couldn’t be more relevant to how we are right now.” 

Washington Post


“Brilliant Theater on Zoom.” 

Daily Beast


“Stakes Claim as first powerful drama of the pandemic.” 



“Immensely tender and beautifully constructed new drama that responds directly to the current situation.” 


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Apple Picking. 

Apple Giving.

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